I’m Still A Human

Please, don’t talk about me like I’m not  human.

When you discuss the “issue of homosexuality” you aren’t talking politics, policies, or views… You’re talking about me. I’m a human. We all bleed red. Whether you want to admit it or not, we both breathe the same air, we both smile when we see a baby laughing, and we both love staring at a sunset. Don’t talk about me like I’m some sort of alien. I see, think, taste, feel, smell, and hear just the same as anyone else. I used to think that this one small part of my life (my sexuality) made me “different” but I know now that I was wrong. I can live my life the same as anyone else. We all want love and happiness. I have yet to find one real thing that effects anyone else by my being gay. I no longer choose to look at myself as different, because the only thing that is different about me is a preference.

Love always,


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4 responses to “I’m Still A Human”

  1. Anonymous says :

    I prefer to hit children and to just take things at the store I prefer to walk around naked does that make it right? It’s not the normal so don’t make someone feel bad because they feel.uncomforatble being friends with you now or don’t look at you the same.. yes you look the same and feel the same but.you don’t think the same… go ahead be different but it by any means does not mean it has to be accepted.

    • Andrew Bennett says :

      I appreciate your courage in showing your identity with your comment.
      Your examples are null and void if you read my point of view… “I have yet to find one real thing that effects anyone else by my being gay.”
      I’m harming no one… If I was, that’d be different.
      Quite honestly, sir or ma’am, I do NOT think any differently than I did before I came out… I’ve been gay my whole life, I’ve always felt this way. I am now just honest.
      I don’t ask anyone to approve or condone, that is a person’s choice… But I do ask them to accept me. If they are truly my friend, they wouldn’t let this come between us.
      Thank you for your response.

  2. Kaaren Delaney says :

    Andy BRAVO!!! be who you are and if somebody doesn’t like to bad for them they are letting go of a great person!!

  3. Billy Ernest says :

    Hey Hey man!!! Congrats on finally overcoming a steep step within the struggles of society! It takes alot of nerve to do something like that. Though, as a friend, may I lend some advice? I understand you are proud of who you are and what you have done, but please remember to let us not fall into the gray valley of arrogance. By challenging others’ views to accept you, you are in turn acting the same as those who have defriended you. If they do not feel comfortable about it, then they don’t feel comfortable about it. If you feel you’re gay, then you feel you’re gay. Everyone has their own circle of comfort and is entitled to their own opinions. They act no different than when they were your friends. They only have shown another side that states they are not comfortable accepting this decision. So please, be happy, have fun, and own up on the world! Though, remember that others have their opinions too. Don’t be turning into an extremist now. 😛
    Until next time,
    Billy Ernest

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