No Choice

It’s called a sexual preference, yet it’s not really something I prefer over something I don’t. I am gay because I have an attraction to the same gender, not the opposite one. That’s it. It’s certainly not something I have control over. to tell me to change is like telling a left handed person to be right handed or vice versa. I don’t see myself as part of a “gay culture” and I carry no “gay agenda.” I am no more a part of that “culture” than I am part of a “brown haired culture” or a “6 foot 1 inch culture” or anything else that defines me. I don’t use my sexuality to define who I am. I only choose to continue to write on the subject, because it’s clear to me that those close to me don’t understand. My style, voice, personality, mannerisms are just a part of my DNA, and I am the same Andrew I always have been. I have control over how I act, but I had no option in being a homosexual. Why would I choose to be misunderstood, stereotyped, hated, feared, unequal and rejected? I don’t see the logic in that argument. I simply am the person God made me and I am quite honestly not one to question God’s plan in life. I simply trust what I know, and leave the rest to fall into place. I pray often for those who I have hurt, and those who have hurt me. I hope as we open our hearts, we can come to a mutual understanding.

Love always,


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