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Let’s Try This Again…

Hey there!

I believe this is about the 20th time I’ve tried to start a blog! It feels different this time though… I have a passion, and there are some things I really want to talk about. I dare to touch subjects like politics, religion, humanity, cookies, bunnies, and other controversial topics. Seriously, people get up in arms over those darn cute rabbits! Really, I just need an outlet for my feelings, and I figured I’d bother the world by putting them out there for all to see. I hope you’ll join me on this ride, as I show the world who Andrew Michael Bennett really is, and what he thinks of this world we live in.

Sidenote: It is vitally important that you take EVERYTHING that a 16 year old on the internet say VERY seriously. I know all there is to know, and I am never wrong! Seriously, just enjoy life, remember to laugh, and don’t waste your days on worrying.

Love always,


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